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the link between what you have and what you want to achieve.


We can write a paragraph, about how TWENTYEIGHT is a Marketing Agency in Kuwait that was founded by a team of only two people in 2016. 

We can write the fact that we executed 500+ projects in less than 4 years of operation. 

We can list down our clients, whether they are Boubyan Bank, American Eagle, Starbucks, Kuwait Investment Authority, Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects,, Marina Hotel, local designers and many more. 

If we do, we will only tell half of our story.

Our True Story lies in our Passion, passion in every service that we provide. The Passion that we pour into every brainstorm session that we have, Passion in every Photography and Video Product session we hold, Passion in our search for the best cast to represent the brands that we work with. 

Our Story summed up in a sentence. We are Passionate to Create. 

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We Manage your Digital Presence, Create Content for your digital presence or help provide you with what you would need to create a digital presence.


Social Media


A fully integrated service, We create, interact and manage the connections between your brand and your audience. Creating a strong link through impactful campaigns, creative content and direct communication with your audience. 

We will be your brand's speaking voice and your audience's listening ear.

Photography & Video Production

We can create it all whether it's content for your social media platforms, billboards, or anything in between. 
We will be there from the beginning, the brainstorm session, location scouting, casting of the talents, the post-production and the delivery of the project.



With the vast and ever-expanding talents we have signed up with our agency. we can cast the next face for your brand, your new campaign talent. Our cast is the most diverse in Kuwait, with no limits to Age, Ethnicity, Nationality or Experience.
If the Model/Actor/Talent that you require is not available in our 500+ database we hold a special casting for your project.

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Sunday - Thursday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Sharq, Block 6, Ahmad AlJaber Street,
Dirwaza51, Floor 15, Office 74,
Kuwait City, Kuwait

+965 99992373

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